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Make Me Digital

by The Cryptics

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Years of aggravation Combining in a flash Scorching at your neighbor You’re ready to attack Let go of feeling and tear out the ceiling There’s no hope of this world turning back (until there’s) Peace of mind We never thought about it Peace of mind So long we’ve gone without it Peace of mind It’s time we talk about it Peace of mind Have we forgot about it Before it gets too late Simple petty circumstance Becomes an all-out war Society can’t get enough They’re begging you for more Throw the fist, get so pissed, forget what becomes of this Reconciliation out the door (how about some) Is violence our fate A nasty habit which we cannot shake Or conquer, or bring it to an end Will we have the courage to befriend Set ourselves off just for the thrill Ready for quarrel and ready to kill Dismiss the reason for which it began Ignore the cycle and repeat again There’s no future when all hope is lost Flip a switch and the mind exhausts There is no conflict worth the cost Bleeding world with no Before it gets too late Before it gets too late Can’t accept our fate Before it gets too
Brand new world, just one man Circumstance impossible to plan Companions, devotions, ambitions All vanish in the end Even when a friendship's made the end will all be the same The same way you come in, the same way you go it's just a 1-player game Public life, social class Ego is impossible to pass Must realize that your life Microscopic over in a flash But you can try to make it count Get something done before you're out Just know it's you that has your back Eternally you'll start from scratch Make amends, make a friend You'll be taking chances 'til the end Seek that one, only one Hope they will be with you 'til you're done
You, it’s like you’ve never seen the fucking light of day You spend time gathering excitement from words other people say It's like you left your sense of compassion somewhere in a different place Now you know why no one ever wants to see your face Blame the world, spreading your misery Did you ever think to go take a look outside? Witnessing the world from which you hide Spotlight seekers jump on the free ride Conviction: the cause for which they’ll die They, they’re the people that grow up cold as stone They’ll live a life free of all laughs and jokes, so bitter and alone Because the problem arises from the start when you’re living your life just to tear apart Every word every sentence night and day The ground is the limit on what you can say Couldn’t pay me to live my life that way Did you ever think to go take a look outside? Witnessing the world from which you hide Spotlight seekers jump on the free ride Attention: the cause for which they’ll die Did you ever think to go take a look outside? Witnessing the world from which you hide Spotlight seekers jump on the free ride Softcore world: the cause for which they’ll die Can’t avoid the world of negative minds Attitude will worsen over time World of blame for you and I All lawsuit, all the time
I want to be in the color blue I want to find what impressed me and you Imaginations can expand Disintegrate the force field end I will know I will feel I will step right through Leave behind your mental state Close your eyes and pixelate Fantasy becomes true Timeless world surrounds you Put this sorry world to shame and Make Me Digital Make Me Digital I will not settle as the working man 8 bits of freedom is the better plan Steamroll my being generations ahead Forget this world where you’re already dead I have lived I have felt I am free of doubt Free of the Stone Age motivation Escape the endless contemplation No life, no needing to breath No more existence living on your knees
Less than two decades of breath and they’ve lost all control The same old story trades itself for souls Tens of faces on the page and not a single friend I’m not exactly bummed it had to end Lacrosse stick boys in cubicles who are already dead What’s that got to do with me? Keystone lights and sweatpants are what has lied ahead That’s all they’ll ever be So thanks Acadia, thanks! Acadia, thanks Acadia for the memories Colin went to ivy league straight from his parent’s cash Casey collects shotguns and smokes hash Teresa had a child and Caitlyn, she never smiled Cherelle smelled like ten barrels full of trash Phe Phi Pho fraternities with nothing in their heads What’s that got to do with me? Business major daddy’s boys whose greed is never fed That’s all they are to me So thanks Acadia, thanks! Acadia, thanks Acadia For the memories Polo shirts and polo clubs Kids who bathe in money tubs Shallow and materialistic Friendship is unrealistic They don’t care about you They never cared about you Not one friend but Franklin and it’s true Why’d I even want this book so full of jocks and fakes It’s better at the bottom of a lake They’re soulless, loveless, paper-brained and will be nothing more I’m closer with Nintendo 64
The Old Soul 02:37
Lived the lies, played the games Knew the whole generation’s names Seen us live and seen us die Tales that passed he won’t deny Questions that we wonder now He will live to find out how Fought the wars, reigned as king This man has done everything The old soul His future is becoming someone else The answers buried deep within himself Going by a different name Classic conscience still remains Here in both present and past 1800 years of fact Living large and living small Taking time’s eternal call Watching over you and me This man has done everything He’s watched this city turn to hell I think he’s given up on us Two men: incapable of trust He will be the doctor and the slave Pushed into a world he cannot save Too much to know and too little to say Old Soul is here to stay
Worry 02:35
Phased by your days cuz you’re worried about them Tack on the craze just to make a new friend What you say, how you look, how will you dress!? No one’s got to live their lives trying to impress We’re all here So who cares If your makeup and mortgage just can’t compare It’s how you feel What’s the big deal?! Living in the shadow of a 3-inch screen Afraid to make connection, wouldn’t dare to be seen God forbid what someone might think of you Insecure people with nothing to do It’s your life Forget strife Cage up all these animals and turn out the light You can hate me You can judge me for years Tell yourself you’re a pile of gold I will be shedding no tears You cannot get me to live in fear, no
Can’t accept the modern twist it put in front of me A cancellation of the past to the highest degree The second chance is years behind why could I never see I know, can’t notice in time I can’t get back in Maybe just right where I stood it is still going on Our energies combined and timeless running cross the lawn Physically: a fence and field, now everything is gone “That’s weak,” some people might say But they have never lived Separation unexpected was our destiny Moments lived with careless passion grasping onto me Will not stop or just move on, I’ll push these times to carry on (“today” after carry on last time) Virtue couldn’t run its course, all must evacuate Left behind all true foundation, fled right from the state Will not just accept defeat, why should a good thing wait It’s gone, but doesn’t have to die Rebirth our old world I seek rebirth [I seek rebirth] I seek retreat [I seek retreat] I seek the things in life you cannot see I will revise [I will revise] I won’t deny [I won’t deny] This piece of life just simply cannot die Illegally blind to it all 4th Street
Cracking under pressure Forgetting days of your old ways Mind becomes disaster Hectic craze and panic stays Breeding from your brainwaves The same old thing you’ve heard before Walking with tradition’s curse instead of walking out that door You don’t know who you are, the past you will forget (you will forget) You’re changing with the wind, your goals were never set 180 overnight, you’ll never be the same Can you recite to me your name? I know just what I want The freedom that you taunt All hope is torn apart I can’t stop following my heart Like you Like you And you’re new Identity Like you Yes you Who knew? You are the cold-blooded man Mindset of the future Never bold, the perfect mold Grasping at desire Live to slave for what you’re told Completion is fading You’ll never get to the greener side Consciences debating Rules by which you now abide
I’m speaking to you from few moments rest I’ve made these mistakes, killed my time so fast I’ve spent every second with tool-in-hand So quickly I strove to make me a man Don’t you sit this one out as your time flies passed You have no time for regret, oh no Did you hear a word I said? Did you? No regrets, no regrets, no regrets Oh, no You have no time for regrets Following my father’s line I did the best I could All the men with money, they told me that I should Punched in my 12-hour days and came home almost dead Had to make sure all but me were secure and fed Who decided that this is the way for you and I Someone higher up is living large while we die And it’s not cuz we’re stupid or we don’t deserve We work cuz we’re born and we’re born to work 8 decades passed and I stop to think Was this for me, what did I complete Was this on my list or was this on yours I’ve spend 80 years of mine doing chores And it’s not that I’m lazy or to don’t want to thrive I want to work hard, want to be alive I can’t help to think was this life really mine Or is occupation to keep us in line Go, do not stop Scream, do not talk No regrets No regrets No regrets
Statements made as I’m enclosed World shut off, mind exposed Contemplating each minute Stepped away, desolate Unsure of my exiting Barren and unsettling I have done this through and through Now I know just what to do One – You must escape the crowd Two – You cannot make a sound Three – Hurry and isolate Four – Ideas you generate In the planning room Close the door, draw the line Buying up such little time Thinking hard and thinking tense Rising level of suspense Planet smaller than you think The whole world begins to shrink Will not fake acquaintances Hollow cold relationships You wonder how you are awake It seems you never get a break You will plan out your own escape This option not up for debate So concentrate Passages that keep us safe Slip away, segregate Covert by no other choice Exit room, now rejoice Last place that you want to be Regular society Solitary destiny Sealed off from conformity Shut. Out.
Sought for my return right from the day I went unseen My exit was carefully mapped, the getaway was clean There’s no way to locate me now, I say that free of doubt Escape route planned from months behind, how did I really go The last surviving witness flees, the only know that knows What’s really going on up there, do they even exist Now’s the time where all the lost are found Weekly sermon to which we are bound Twenty tortured souls will gather round Nightmare rituals without a sound Bet your life I’m on the run, I’m destined to escape Careful where my footprints lead while fleeing place to place I know they’re somewhere close behind, I’m just a step ahead States are thoughts of yesterday and towns are losing names I’ll spend my life diverting trace and always playing games The normal world has ceased, why am I the one they need A clear mind impossible to grasp Knew it since the start it was a trap Herd of demons meeting up for no good Jumped into it so misunderstood I cannot kill to ease my pain They’ll chase me down ‘til I’m insane I can’t approach them one-on-one So soon the damage will be done All hope for my normal life has seized Constant on the go with what I need What I need, with what I need, with what I need All hope for my normal life has….. seized
Sometimes just my energy Can make me feel so much Too focused on the daily So quickly out of touch Rarely do we ever see The endless possibilities Of what we once might be, you and me Outstanding to intelligence And what it says to me is There’s no guarantees or warranties We are all bound to end So will I ever see you again (again, again) Numbers and distractions take up your every day You think just of this moment and see no other way Helpless ‘til you realize the endless mystery Of what we once might be, you and me But I can’t help but think about my final days And will we remain as we are or go our separate ways I can’t comprehend how we’ll reduce to dust Our friendship and lifespan combusts
Unadmitted clan Prime financial plan Sell the people to a god Give to them a world of fraud Genius economics and a sentimental pitch Lines of empty followers go digging their own ditch Give them false ambition Make up some total fiction They’re dumb enough to fall for it You drown them in a money pit Tell the story to the youth, they get you when you’re fresh Build your guilty conscience and control your every breath Seemingly so harmless in a world of only good Undisputed business plan this world misunderstood Their motive has no end The profits will extent Empowered by your emptiness How can you do this to your kids Dedicate their lives to a cause totally worthless You’ll never get me with your lies, I need a proof of purchase Please come again
I left my best behind me, I tried but it’s too late What I’ve lost surrounds me and I’m not thinking straight I made the wrong decision, I’m the one to blame I built a private hell that will go up in flames now I try to look away But I see the ending coming, end coming now Ending coming now I try to look away I’ll leave the rest behind me, I dug a deeper hole I made the wrong decision when I was in control I chose the wrong direction, now I’m the one to blame I built a private hell that will go up in flames now
Watchtower 05:00
Dust from years that passed sits right beside me Decades of reflection and despair I’ve found no one to sit beside me They speed in figure 8 and go nowhere Centuries of time have passed, the work has been so tough Far past when I thought they’d had enough Aching bones and sonic moans I’ve lived right through it all The same new generation spawns before me Tampered victims trapped without a clue They’re fighting for no purpose, cause, or faith Returning nightmare spins again So get in line, cuz it’s your turn to wait Death as time goes on means less and less The result of tens and thousands who regress Never did once a man try to put a spin or attempt to win or reject his sins He puts the neck tie on and punches in Behavior repeats itself from time so long ago I should have been the one to let them know Destined for a world so small I’ve lived right through it all Hopeless for a future I remain right where I lay With no doubt of discomfort in my stay What they’ll do and where they’ll go….. I’ve lived right through it all


© 2016 Pine Hill Records


released September 14, 2016

Tino Valpa - Vocals , Guitar, Bass, Drums


all rights reserved



The Cryptics Dover, New Hampshire

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