Continuous New Behavior

by The Cryptics

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2nd full-length album out on Portnow Intertainment Group, Pine Hill Records, & 1332 Records.

1st Pressing:
1,000 CDs
500 LPs - 200 Black, 200 Red, 100 Clear


released July 6, 2013



all rights reserved


The Cryptics Dover, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Time To Kill Time
"Not right now, another time"
Just need a moment to unwind
Had a hard day of nothing at all
As I watch my motive stall
There's nowhere I have to be
There's nothing I have to see
A digital life of situations
A chemical goal called aggravation

Answering no questions
Just sitting and stalking
Movement: now a second option
Just make sure nobody's watching
Got no ideas of my own
Every thought's become a loan
But I'll never pay it back
As new trends come to attack

I can see nothing happening here
Deny opportunity, guaranteeing fear
Backwash of society, left all to your self
To your self

Has the time
To Kill Time
Not Me

Quiet room full of heads
Personality is dead
Gather round, get the fit
Too easy to ever quit
Time to compact and confine
What's left of your human mind
Become us or stay as one
Or think and then you will be done

No reflection on yourself
Will not help at all
Time taken for granted
Will point to your downfall
There's one time and one chance
That life will pass you by
One time, yes one time
Track Name: Stay Everything
Kicking in the back, the liquidated minds
Unable to stand the test of time
The situations further with mediocrity
You just can't decide on who to be

And now

You know that we're doing okay
And it's all just a game that we play
You know that I've stayed everything
Unto this very day

Leave it to the wind to tell me who you were
It's relapse to the world, your person is a blur
The test rat awaiting cosmetic surgery
You just can't decide on who to be
Track Name: Face The Day
Sun's long past it's rising
And still you have closed eyes
The gears have started turning
Making noise you despise
The open road to nowhere
Has seemed to call your name
But in the bitter end
It's you that gets the blame

So come face the day (come face the day)
But do it your own way
Come face the day (come face the day)
Don't waste away

Tossing and turning
Into the summer's day
Incentive not burning
Potential gone away
Forgetful of the time
Because you can't go back
It's time to have an outcome
It's time for you to act
Track Name: White Woman
Create with me a baby
Purchase me a house
A life of every luxury provided by my spouse
Another useless paperweight, another glass of wine
Another dog and cat in here will do just fine

You're just another standard white woman (white woman)
Swimming in the fish tank you've been given
You're just another standard white woman (white woman)
Taught only to cook, clean, and listen

Break out of the box you wouldn't dare to do
Repetitive behavior is the life for you
You can't escape the 50's, you can't escape today
It's sad that you choose to live your life this way

Now you are retiring at age 45
Depending on the other to sustain your life
Grandchildren and private schools are high up in your mind
Just another story of the average housewife
Track Name: Night Time Freaks
It's getting dark
And it's getting late
How can you take this
So seriously

Night time falls again

They're the night time freaks
Know they'll get you
And midnight's not too late

Recruiting time
No time to waste
Cuz they're sending your mind
Into outer space
Track Name: Same Movie, Different Girl
It's time to watch this
Every night I gotta watch this
How many times I gotta start this?
Here we're going again

I'm going insane cuz I have to see
The same scenarios on my TV
Just to get her to come to bed with me

Another girl called, she's coming tonight
I haven't gotten any new plans in sight
Another night of Jim Carrey will do us fine

Cuz it's the same movie with a different girl
Just about happens every night
Why spend money on a new one when the same does the job just right

Some go to dinner, some to the game
I'd rather be at home doing just the same
Straight to-the-point is the name of my game

Some question my silly ways
And I have just one thing to say
These are the plans for the rest of my days
Track Name: Secret Laboratory
They came from metal arms and claws
In boxes they were hurled
And programmed with synoptic thoughts to live in this world

No questioning of right or wrong
The same way they all lived
Curriculum of daily life used as a sedative

The secret, secret laboratory
The secret, secret laboratory
Made in secret, secret laboratory
The secret, secret laboratory

Mile-long conveyor belts distributing these clones
From scrap metal and cardboard to the next suburban home
Their first words like their last words were so trivial and dull
Nothing from outside the box had come out of their skull

The people went forgotten since they never made a sound
The gray cold hopeless tombstones blended right in with the ground
Never questioned being under such a terrible curse
Just an understanding for life on planet Earth
Track Name: Flat World
One organic choice says come together
Until the bits and pieces break apart
A condescending light weak for a moment
Future foretold darkness from the start

Was initiation a mistake?

Cuz we can only make out what's been given
It's our choice to say or live the quote
We will be the same thing in the end
Some will go the journey all alone

Sour taste and discord rule the hour
Envy turns to spite then turns to me
Indifferent is the way we enter culture
And replace life with mass tranquility

Are you all even really awake?
Track Name: The Pessimist
No time to deal with retribution
And I regulate my own conclusion
Too much free time: a detriment
And I proceed at my own consent

(This) is suffering
(This) is wondering
(This) is tragedy
(This) is not for me

I built a barrier for my sake
Now petty games now not at stake
And I'll focus on the greater option
There's no time here for fence-walking
Track Name: Mystery Line
He opened the door
And approached the path
Started to walk down
With no looking back

His words were pronounced hard
His thoughts were scattered far
An insomniac through night
Too tampered was his life

Witnessed the steps
Slow was the pace
The past was present
From face to face

Anticipation gathered
The mind: eager to know
It was hidden for too long
And at last it will now show

Because that's the life we're settled in
We just go with the flow
Assume too much for nothing
The truth will never show

And deprivation
High blend of fear
The answers so near

The steps: within reach
It became time to see
How many and how long
That went and did him wrong

His jaw to the ground
Visions of grief
Because what he saw
Was beyond belief

Fists now clamped tight
The anger and the might
How could have they broken
Every word they'd spoken
Track Name: Recollection And Remembrance
This is a test of might
Don't want to think of that moment in time
Recollection of good times must show
Cuz I don't ever want to see you go

But that day
It won't change for me
No way
Will that day change me

You built my motivation
Backlined my concentration
Reverence you have already won
Your gift will last for generations

All of my life since I was young
No one to talk to and nowhere to run
Where's a kid like me supposed to go?
Well I was back and forth and I was place to place
And then I heard what you had to say
Now this is the only life I'll ever know

Won't take to living in fear
Won't think the end is coming near
Will go recycle and repeat your thoughts
Cuz what I've got from you can never be bought
Track Name: Continuous New Behavior
New Behavior

New creatures around me
New structures
Fundamentals past me
I'm ready

Creatures looking with open eyes
Moving forth with open minds
Walked away from grievance and deception

Living a life into concrete
On that path we'll never meet
Convention is detention in the long run

New behavior
New behavior
New behavior
Track Name: Leads To Betrayal
Tender past happenings
Ignore them all at once
Send them far from this dimension
Bring pleasure up front
Cancelling what brought you hope
Forget what you can't see
How could it be ever known
This is what's to be

And I know
It's not alright
And I need
To make it right
And nothing will be easy
Until it's out of sight, no

So this is how you wanna meet?
Like a person on the street
So this is how you wanna meet?
You've forgotten that it's me

Continue to hide yourself
Behind your own walls
Lock the door, shut it tight
Start making your calls
I knew I shouldn't have come here
Instinct should have told me
I'm left to fill up space again
How can you not see?!

Years have come and gone now
And still I can't see past
The time wasted behind me
It all went by too fast
With no room for forgiveness
And no time for a chance
The result is apparent
I've gone and took my stance