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by The Cryptics

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gregory frederick The Punk sound & intensity at LIVE sets ! Athens GA Live Music supports ! Favorite track: Invigorate.
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Drifter 01:04
I have been disconnected I have erased my past With nothing to hold onto There’s only one choice left Start over again
Inchworm 03:45
You crawl around this world, find every bridge to burn Contemplating and hesitating without the will to learn Too backwards to know your place, you just can’t see the light It’s you versus you in each corner of the fight There are so many in your footsteps Too simple to know, too stubborn to care Time is fading and I’m done waiting You’re seizing opportunity Why can’t you see, why can’t you see You will never have a clue Now watch the next guy turn right into you You expect the world to know you, knocking at your door Living in your hamster wheel with no clue what’s in store Ignoring every outlet, forgotten all about it Ambition: something you ignore (It’s over for you. Year after year you remain stagnant. A world of fiction will surround you ‘til your dying days.)
29 Years 03:16
I spent my lifetime taking what you said to heart You’ve had control of me right from the very start Pilot my weakest moment Accept a kid’s devotion You tore the truth and me apart For 29 years 29 years I have been bought and sold since before I could speak They rest upon the top and prey upon the weak Everything I’ve ever learned is a lie Everything you told me was a lie There was no way for me to know My mind polluted as I grow This is a threat I cannot see You do not know what’s best for me
South 02:05
There was a place I once knew Now just a mystery We traveled way back in time Us two had history A worthy voyage escape Location built to retreat Time-stamped with memories A place to feel complete I will escape to you I will escape to you I will escape to you Can I escape? A place where time stood frozen Where all were one of us As one by one were chosen The decades turned to dust Now just the memory lives Helps to remember when We all had coexisted Foundation: genuine
I could be right, I could be wrong Since I’ve seen you, it’s been so long We’ve let ourselves go and it just might be for good A massive leap of faith that we misunderstood This world it picks us up and forces us to scat The contour of our spirit overturned to flat While we are totaled nearly forced to be immobile The life we left behind is never coming back There was a time when I was free I could do anything I wanted Not strapped down, strapped down To anyone or anything Those hopeful dreams of yesterday, do you remember? The simplest of times The simplest of times I could be right, I could be wrong Is everything that we once knew just dead and gone? A time before the kids, the house, the loans, the dogs, the lawn The jobs, the cars, the doctors….What the hell is going on!? Why did we make our lives this way I surely miss it every day We still live dormant deep inside Those truly were the simplest of times
Waited forever, the moment is now Expect me to ask but that’s not how The way of the future, the way of today Message in route to future babe I’m asking her out via text You know I’m a total wreck I’ll probably get a threat But what if she says yes?! Even if she was next to me I’m going right through with this on my screen Got my lingo and I’ve got my feel Smile emoji and seal the deal If no reply how long do I wait? Send out another or accept my fate?! Am I a genius or am I a loser? Either way it’s sure to amuse her Signal is gone and hope is too If we’re an item I have no clue I’ve got no bars and I’ve got no balls Should’ve just asked her in the hall True Love
Invigorate 03:20
I am on fire and I want this world to blaze for me There’s no tomorrow in my head Invigorate Invigorate Invigorate Where there’s no action, no excitement there’s no place for me I need hysteria today In fields of embers I will burn With sheltered life I’ve no concern I am commotion in the living, breathing form Abandon comfort and step out into the storm
Between the tides in frozen time I see it all through my own eyes The past and present: once divine Forever yearn under gray skies Everything I’ve come to know will blend Hope becomes a daydream until the end The promises we’ve made, the joy that came so natural Did it ever matter? Will it ever matter again? Desire matures, experience crumbles, the thirst runs dry A million waves will crash until we ask why Dreams are born to never die I’ve made my choice, between the tides
Paintstroke 05:42
Have you ever walked into a room And noticed something’s not quite right Untimely intervention stalls up the days’ plans You stand atop the edge, head into your hands How did this fall into your lap? When did you ever say ok? You’ve been a victim lying under your own gun Life is maxed out and you’re not having any fun I cannot take this anymore I’m taking off Another day of constant battle No one transparent with themselves If you just took a look ahead you could avoid eternal mess One wrong move foreshadows the next, there goes the rest…. What are we doing to ourselves We put ourselves in prison cells In these progressive times why stop now, let’s change the norm We need a world where we can live in our true form Where no one ridicules until you fit the mold Never-ending 1950 sure is getting old Your self-inflicting lifestyle, you give yourself away The doors are closed for you, too much responsibility You thought you had to do this, but no one has to do this When will we stop following outdated customs swallowing Every moment of our free time and our free will To chase “success” and reproduce just calls for breakdown and the noose You’ve got to stop and say “it’s not for me, it’s not for me” It’s just a plan made by the suits to control people from the roots The herd so tied down there’s no time to seek the truth Stay young in spirit, young at heart, young in spirit, young at heart You are alive, you have control, this is your world, so think smart Are you brave enough to own your freedom? Then let’s illustrate the world One paintstroke at a time
Everyone’s in such a rush to die Racing to achieve “success” and no one’s asking why Simplicity is following the crowd I will not be coerced by illusion My life is distinctly my own It’s my own Nobody will go against the flow Toil, reproduce then die: the only life they know Terrified of judgment from their peers I’ll stand up for myself, I’ll stand up for myself I don’t have to die off like everyone I know Their expectations ruined you You’re not the person that I knew Fuck pre-determined destiny Release your true identity Ridicule is all you will receive Venomous tradition is what you will believe Freedom, adventure: rest in peace old friends
Shiny Things 05:05
Dreamland, pretend Let me introduce to you to my best friend He always knows just what to do He’s a little shy, now I am too We go together everywhere I can’t exist when he’s not there I can’t deny that I’m a slave There is no hesitating Because it’s here for a lifetime My mind? We’ll you’ve got it And everything that comes with it too I melt away for hours Entertained by watching you You own my thoughts, my interactions You are the cause of all distractions You took my every breath of life And I don’t even want it back
Sentinel 04:47
As I crept into the courtyard The moon’s ray led my way I chose this path of darkness All comfort went astray Alert: my every action Move light, avoid detection They don’t know that I’m here I can’t escape the fear I can’t escape This is my mission for the day My hope has simply gone away Can you detect me in the night? Through fields I move by candlelight I move A place so heavily guarded Without a man in sight This visionary terror Becomes eternal fright It’s barren as the ocean I’ll swiftly stay in motion I am not here to play I’ve come to take you away Take you away Through vines and gates I walk I’m moving slow I pry apart the doors of truth so we can know About this master plan and just what’s going on The closer I become I sense something is wrong It’s part unspeakable and seems unreachable Behind this stone wall I’m unheard of as I kneel What are these figures moving, what is all of this proving? Should I turn back while my identity’s concealed? They can’t detect me They can’t detect me They can’t detect me I’ll use the darkness and infiltrate
The Will 04:38
You took a chance on me, a risk you didn’t have to take You could have been making the world’s biggest mistake The choice was clear you would stick by me ‘til the end You showed me what it truly means to have a friend There is a certain kind of person That cannot comprehend the diligence that you have given They wouldn’t know a good thing if it hit them square in the face Only concerned with the material gain I don’t want a damn thing from you Just know that my feelings are true They think they’re slick but you’re too smart, you know the act is fake They never showed up ‘til they saw the chance to take, take, take A clear intention of deceit, solely focused on receipt This evil motive truly defines disgrace How can one objectify A human being that’s done nothing but look out for you Ice cold, soulless, loveless, tasteless They’ll never learn until it’s far too late You always had the time for me You gave me the chance to be free The biggest thing I’d ever want from you I’ve gotten my whole life through and through You cannot put a price on friendship You’re the only constant thing I’ve ever had I will never look at you another way My word is good until the end of days


released November 29, 2021


all rights reserved



The Cryptics Dover, New Hampshire

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